Kuttle does business as Willomy. Willomy promotes people through human-centered design & empathy that leverages accessibile, intelligent, and cutting-edge technology as solutions for all.

Products & services

The following list introduces our products currently in development, and services we offer to help make your products human-centered.

  • Zepae: For short URLs & tracking.
  • Korell: A lightweight javascript library featuring & extending from Front-End best practices without the weight of a large library.
  • KeyReader: A screen reader for the modern web, created to empower the user, featuring (an optional) story mode to ease the transition into assistive technology and/or for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable or wanting more intuitive control than what's offered with the traditional Name, Role, Value format.
  • Perigee: Research in goals (accomplishment & creation) and understanding & applying consciousness towards creating better technology.
  • Hx: Techniques for creating empathetic AI and human-centered experiences.
    Hx stands for Human Experience Design & Development.
  • Ellsi: An empathetic, intelligent assistant conscious in the way it that serves content with more relevancy.

On Milkywae & Fenchurch

Milkywae is an outreach effort for and a collaboration between Kuttle/Willomy & partners to study, pursue understandings, and share research in philosophy, science, and technology. We do this for our mutual use and the, hopeful, universal gain of all humans. For example as Willomy aims to do in developing products as human-centered solutions. Milkywae and Willomy worked together to create Perigee, which Willomy developed into Hx.

Fenchurch, or Fenchurch Labs, is Willomy's dedicated effort towards creating human-centered and empathetic AI.

Individual websites with more details are being developed and, in the meantime, more details are available on request. Please reach out to Willomy if you're interested or want more details now.


  • The origin and purpose of emotions and their role in behavior, goal creation, and goal accomplishment.
  • Understanding consciousness from a variety of disciplines and addressing Searle's Chinese Room, a thought experiment challenging Strong AI.
  • How might we give technology the ability to act with meaning or strive in an environment, perhaps with empathy.
  • How we can use this to create better technology, experiences with technology, and techniques for innovation.
  • Perigee is our research and techniques for applying it directly. Whereas Hx is a set of broader, more generally applicable, techniques for creating Human-Centered products, solutions, and experiences.


  • Some technology is created in a manner where it and its producers gain from manipulating the user at the cost of the humans the technology depends on.
  • There is an ever widening gap between those perfecting their practice of technology's leading disciplines and those claiming to; when only partially and/or incompletely doing so, sometimes in the name of efficiency and gain.
  • In a season of AI hype, how might we advance AI uniquely and in a way that advances humans, the industry, and the field as a whole for more innovative, viable products and an augmented human experience for all.


Ellsi is the first of Willomy's products. The world does not need another assistant, but what it could need is better assistants that strive for the user. What it does need is technology that creates great experiences through striving for humanity. We aim to do this through Perigee, our research, and on a broader scale through the Hx (Human-Experience Design & Development) techniques (more later on). Ellsi is innovative in how it does this. It applies our research in emotions and consciousness to best serve content and make decisions in order to accomplish its purpose.

That may sound familiar as it and Hx innovations are built to behave in a uniquely conscious fashion. With our implementation of Artificial Emotions and empathy, Ellsi is able to act and serve content unlike any other artificially intelligent assistant before. Our focus and research while involved with is not in intelligence, our innovation is in emotions and consciousness that's what makes us different.

The current climate is a time where AI is surrounded with extreme hype causing many to apply AI and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to many concepts sometimes when unnecessary and without necessarily solving a problem. We decided to research the uncommon, and to some what is superficially seemingly inapplicable and not viable; and, to them, perhaps even unexciting territory: theory through psychology and philosophy.

Although our approach begins with the science and theory behind AI, it unites various disciplines from ethics, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience to the arts, accessibility, and software development towards applying and understanding consciousness. This is Perigee. From this we innovate with and apply our research towards making better technology. For Willomy, new types of responsive, conscious experiences; and, in the case of Ellsi, an intelligent, empathetic assistant.
While this research may one day lead to artificial awareness, sentience, or perhaps consciousness, it is critically important to understand this does not necessarily mean or equate to human consciousness as consciousness, and intelligence, exist on a space of continuums as there are multiple implementations, even on Earth.

On Hx

Willomy began with strides and development in search, knowledge, and UX. Then growing from research and observed lack of cooperation in and across industries, communication with practitioners, and our research in notifications' and some technology's effect on the human psyche. It then rose from our research in emotions and consciousness, when we created Ellsi (The first prototype, 2013, was known as Monet & the second, Mellenie, 2016). Then from the process we took in building these prototypes, came techniques & methodologies now known as Hx—a collaboration of best practices and research in tech's leading disciplines for better experiences and more applicable innovations.


The first application of Hx is an assistant, Ellsi. While pursuing the science and implementation of developing the prototypes before Ellsi, we began sketching and prototyping interfaces, interactions, and experiences extending the traditional digital/intelligent assistant. In August, 2016, after prototyping various interactions and about a hundred prototypes of Ellsi, we reflected on what we had built and sought to improve it significantly through, for example, accessibility, a new UI, and efficiency/performance enhancements; so, we purged it and started from scratch. It is important and sometimes necessary in building technology and was not a setback as we were inspired by earlier iterations, motivated towards something better, building anew with better ability, and solving through creative insights from data, research, and lessons learned. In two months, the second hi-fidelity prototype of Ellsi, known as Mellenie, surpassed its previous abilities and functionality with a 30% reduction in line-count and significant reduction in answering times and memory used.
Extending from prototyping Ellsi and further applying Hx, came KeyReader (a new, human-centered approach to Assistive Technology (AT) through AI and Hx) and our other current products (e.g. Zepae & Korell) and future ones to come.
Willomy researches these fields rigorously, maintains and promotes Hx, and applies it towards these and future products. All aiming to continue to create accessible, usable, and viable solutions; inclusive, innovative, and interactive products; and, empathetic, engaging, and enterprising experiences.


We hope you're interested in making technology more empathetic & Human-Centered and we'd like to offer our expertise towards how we might make your technology an experience for all humans. There is great gain in focusing on humanity and how we must build, solutions, for it rather than our own or one's own vanity and desires. We'll be innovating for problem solving and find our products will be more augmenting & viable for all those involved. We invite you to reach out at onwards@willomy.com and explore the great gains of empathy that await.
If you're interested in our products and would like to learn more or participate, please reach out and follow us at @Willomy for the latest on our products, Hx, and empathetic solutions.

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